Our Mission

Since 2016, we have been giving seriously ill, disabled, and disadvantaged children the opportunity to be their favorite heroes.

The For The Win Project gives children in special circumstances the chance to be their favorite heroes in their very own movie poster. We create a new sense of hope, motivation, and give a self-esteem boost for each child.Transforming them into HEROES will be influential in raising both awareness and funds for whatever they may be up against.

Our outreach, influence, and change can only get bigger as we plan to discover and explore new, creative ways to immerse our heroes in their own worlds with MOVIE trailers, comic books, album covers and so much more.



We partner with the following hospitals to make our children's heroic transformations possible.


The Harman Press graciously prints all our posters, Samy's Camera assists with equipment, and famous agencies like Concept Arts pitch in with our poster designs.